Asian PU Digest

For the benefit of the PU industry in the Asian countries, Dr. Gupta publishing house (Ratingen, Germany), (Paris, France), and TechnoBiz (Bangkok, Thailand) have partnered to launch the quarterly "Asian PU Digest" journal in 2017. 


Dr. Gupta publishing house is a provider of technical knowledge and market information for rubber, elastomer, and PU industry and publisher of the PU Magazine International. is an online information service for PU industry and publisher of the weekly "PU Newsletter" and "Urethane Update". TechnoBiz Communications is organiser of the bi-annual exhibition PU Tech Asia, the only Southeast Asian polyurethane exhibition. 


The publication of a new journal naturally arouses the reader's expectation that the editors should explain their intentions, even if the title describes the industry and the region, the journal is thought for. 

The new publication is aimed to cover all aspects of the polyurethane industry from flexible and rigid foams to composites, coatings, adhesives, elastomers, and thermoplastic polyurethanes. Besides technical papers that will cover raw materials, additives, and systems development, processing technologies and new applications, the magazine will publish interviews with leading managers of the industry, market reports, inform about conferences and fairs and provide the latest industrial news. The central claim of the new journal is to focus on the regional information needs and specificities of the Asian polyurethane markets. 


With Francois Reverdy, President of, with Peram Prasada Rao, Executive Director of TechnoBiz, and with Wolfgang Friederichs, Editor-in-Chief of PU Magazine International, the Asian PU Digest team will use their long experience in PU industry to ensure high quality information. 

This pre-release aims at giving you a first impression on what to expect in our magazine which will be issued quarterly. 


With the new magazine we strive to offer an important tool for the Asian PU industry and hope that we stimulated your interest. 



Francois Reverdy

Peram Prasada Rao

Wolfgang Friederichs 

In our latest issues

Technical Paper
New aliphatic diisocyanate and high performance polyurethanes using Fortimo 1,4-H6XDI
Trans-1,4-bis(isocyanatomethyl)cyclohexane (1,4-H6XDI), which is referred to as Fortimo 1,4-H6XDI, is a new aliphatic diisocyanate and its polyurethanes will be introduced. It has a linear and high...
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Technical Paper
Some interactions of isocyanates and polyurethanes with metal surfaces
The nature of the interface between polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (pMDI) and polyurethane (PU) systems on metal surfaces (both coated and uncoated) have been investigated by surface...
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Technical Paper
Efficient path to flexible floor coating
New raw materials open up further possibilities for Pasquick polyaspartic technologyPolyaspartic technology makes coating operations particularly cost-efficient, because fewer coating layers are...
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Technical Paper
Emissions and odour in passenger car interiors
Global harmonization efforts on test methods, exposure scenarios and limit valuesPolyurethanes are found in many different applications in the automotive interior, some of them having large surfaces...
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