Asian PU Digest - Issue 03 | 2017

Dear readers!

During the last months, the whole world was talking about President Donald Trump and the USA exiting the Paris climate accord. Apart from the impact on global warming or climate change, it can be assumed that the USA may lose their technological leading role in climate fight while China is expected to emerge as the new leader.

As global warming, climate change and energy efficiency are some of the main drivers for the PU industry, just think of rigid foams as high performance insulation materials or the opportunities of polyurethanes for lightweight construction in automotive industry, this could be a great opportunity for Asian PU industry to participate in new eco-friendly technologies.

The current issue of “Asian PU Digest” gives some examples on how polyurethanes can help to reduce environmental impacts:

“Polyurethane insulation is essential in an effective cold chain”, this is the title of a paper, demonstrating how India copes with the challenge to reduce the amount of wasted harvest products to ensure the nutrition of a growing population.

A way to provide polyurethane raw materials with the lack of harmful monomers and absence of toxic volatile organic compounds is presented in the paper “Bio-based waterborne polyurethane dispersion evaluation for synthetic leather applications”.

Another example of reducing emissions and in this case improving indoor air quality in automotive industry is the “Novel reactive catalyst for low emission flexible polyurethane foams”, offering the additional value of providing flexible foams with better performance and durability.

The current issue also informs you about some upcoming exciting events for the Asian polyurethane community: We have already reported about the PU Tech Asia 2017 and the Mattress Tech Asia 2017, both taking place from 11th to 12th July in Bangkok, Thailand, but these events are worth to be warmly recommended again.

PU China, taking place at the Poly World Trade Centre Expo, Guangzhou, China on 29 to 31 August 2017, is one of the biggest PU trade fairs worldwide and surely the leading event for Chinese PU industry.

Enjoy the current issue of our magazine!

Wolfgang Friederichs