Asian PU Digest - Issue 02 | 2017

Dear readers!

You are holding in your hands the second addition of the quarterly “Asian PU Digest”, launched in January this year. According to our aim to cover all aspects of the polyurethane industry we have compiled interesting papers from different applications:

“Emissions and odour in passenger car interiors” highlights recent developments regarding both test methods and limit value settings which may have an impact on PU applications in the automotive industry.

“A new alicyclic diisocyanate (1,4-H6XDI) and its high performance polyurethanes” describes the properties achievable in thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), thermoset polyurethanes (TSU), or in water-based PUDs and flexible foam applications when using aliphatic diisocyanates.

“The Pasquick polyaspartic technology” delivers low-viscosity raw materials for quick curing, cost-efficient coatings that are sufficiently flexible to bridge any cracks forming in concrete.

“Interactions of isocyanates and polyurethanes with metal surfaces” decribes the nature of the interface between polymeric isocyanates and polyurethane systems on metal surfaces and tries to explain the differing adhesion or release behaviour of polyurethanes.

The current issue also informs you about some upcoming exciting events for the Asian polyurethane community:

In May, Chinaplas in Guangzhou, China, not only focusses on polyurethanes but all kind of plastics and rubber. The event covers all relevant industries from automotive to building and construction, packaging etc.

In July, you can expect two special highlights for the Asian PU industry, the PU Tech Asia 2017 and the Mattress Tech Asia 2017, both taking place from 11th to 12th July in Bangkok, Thailand. These events are organized by TechnoBiz, one of the publishers of this magazine. PU Tech Asia 2017 includes a trade exhibition, a conference, educational courses, networking events, and a research fair related to polyurethanes and processing technologies. It is aimed to be the meeting point for the polyurethane industries in Southeast Asia.

We hope that you enjoy the upcoming events in PU industry and of course also the current issue of our magazine.

Wolfgang Friederichs